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Student (beach) volleyball association at the
University of Twente!

Hey (new) student in Enschede! Do you want to try volleyball? Then join one of our try-outs and experience the fantastic sport yourself!

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Let the Technical Committee know, and join a regular training with a team.

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New to volleyball, and do you want to know if it's your sport?

Our try-outs are:

Tuesday 5 September
Thursday 7 September

Unfortunately try-outs are full!

Kick-In programme 2023

  • Opening market

    Wednesday, August 23th
    09:00 - 15:30

    Harambee Night Out

    Thursday, August 24th - 21:00

    Sports Games, BBQ and sports party

    Saturday, August 26th
    13:00 - 02:00

    Campus Fair [Master program]

    Monday, August 28th
    09:00 - 12:00

    Kick-Out Festival

    Thursday, August 31st
    15:30 - 19:00

Volleyball types at Harambee:

  • Regional weekend competition: 2x training a week + matches against teams throughout the region in the Nevobo competition. Matches are of all levels, beginner through (very) experienced.
  • Internal mix competition: 1x training a week + matches every 4 weeks against other Mix teams.
  • Regional mix competition: You play in a mixed team 1x training a week + 9 gamenights a year on Wednesday or Thursday evening in the region.
  • Only training: 1x training a week with Mix teams.
  • Beach volleyball: in April, the beach accommodation of the UT opens up, and Harambee organises an internal beach competition. It's open for anyone to join!

Levels of playing:

Harambee offers volleyball practise and matches at any level. Are you a beginner? Be welcome to join! We all have to start somewhere, right? Are you an advanced player? Then you'll also certainly feel at home in a higher team.

  • Men's teams: 3e Divisie to 3e Klasse.
  • Ladies' teams: 3e Divisie to 4e Klasse.
  • Mixed teams participate in an internal competition and is generally of beginner to intermediate level.

All indoor teams at Harambee have their own dedicated (student) trainer!
Teams consist of about 12 players.

Match days are on Fridays and Saturdays, from September till April!

All trainings and home matches take place at the University's Sports Centre.

From May to July we enjoy the summer weather and also play beach volleyball.

Join our family during one of the many activities throughout the year!

You will get to know all kinds of people who share at least one interest with you: volleyball.

Some of the activities:

  • The team presentations: where every team presents itself to the rest of the club.
  • The yearly prom: where you are definitely going to have that high wine or high cocktail with your crush.
  • Every home-matches weekend: where your fellow volleyball friends are playing their matches. Cheer them to the top! That's what Harambee stands for!
  • Harambee's monthly night out: every first Thursday we get away from the Sports Centre, and have a drink (or two) in the city.
  • ... and all other activities Harambee organises to make sure you have a great time!

Did you know that...

the name Harambee comes from a Swahili term which stands for "together we are strong and let us fight together"

The term was first used on the 5th anniversary of the University, by the former Rector Magnificus.


We are here to answer them!

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